About the Band


Who are The Knock Blockers?

The Knock Blockers are Andy Gorilla on bass, Doc Von Krantz on keys, Mr. Soup Sandwich on the drums, Rocket Surgeon on guitar, and the collective Loafer Brigade in the horn section (bone, sax, and trumpet). They formed in Colorado Springs in 2017.

They combine their assorted ska influences including first wave, two-tone, and punk ska as well as other genres such as rockabilly and swing to come up with their sound. They've opened for national acts such as Voodoo Glow Skulls, Reel Big Fish, and Big D and the Kids Table in their first six months of playing out.

In November of 2017, they released their first EP, Rocket Surgery.

Knock Blockers booking or other inquiries can be sent to band@knockblockersska.com.